2019 Annual Conference Notes

In case you missed 2019 Annual Conference information, please see below for a brief summary of Administrative Services-related notes:


Council on Finance & Administration

2019 Revised Budget and 2020 Budget: At Annual Conference, CFA shared a revised 2019 Budget of $6,840,755, and Conference approved a 2020 Budget of the same amount. For more information about these budgets see here: 2019 and 2020 Budget Summaries. The CFA presentation can be viewed here: 2019 AC CFA Presentation.

GCFA says, "Thank You" - Please see here for a "Thank You" from GCFA for your faithfulness to the UMC connection in 2018.

GCFA Information: For more information about how your GCFA dollars are spent in ministry please see 2018 Annual Report and 2017-2020 Financial Commitment Book. Another great resource is www.umcgiving.org.


Board of Pensions & Health Benefits

2020 Active Health Plan - HealthFlex: As part of the Board of Pension report, the team was excited to share about the 2020 move to Wespath HealthFlex Exchange for active health plan participants. For a quick HealthFlex summary and the BOP report see here: 2019 AC BOP Presentation. Also, for a participant HealthFlex Checklist please see here: Participant HeathFlex Checklist.

2019 Retirement Readiness Workshop: As mentioned in the BOP presentation, the team is excited to provide a new opportunity on Tuesday, August 6 at Christ Church United Methodist (Heartland). The workshop is open to all clergy and their spouses. Clergy who are eligible for early or full retirement in 2020 (age 62 or 30 years of service) as well as those who are within 5 years of retirement are strongly encouraged to attend. Spouses are encouraged to attend as well. Lunch provided. For more information and to register, please see here: 2019 Retirement Readiness Workshop.

Board of Trustees

2019 General Conference - Judicial Council Decisions: As discussed briefly in the General Conference presentation at AC, you can find a summary of the 2019 General Conference - Judicial Council Decisions here: 2019 GC Judicial Council Summary.


Additional Notes

Good Samaritan Foundation: For information on the Good Samaritan Foundation transition please see here: GSF Transition.