Baby Quilts - Kentucky Conference UM Women



Kentucky Conference UMW continues to provide Baby Quilts to Kentucky children. Your quilts can be brought to the Annual Mission Celebration in October. There the quilts will be displayed on the alter, blessed, and delivered to Virginia and Ken Burchett for distribution throughout Kentucky. Below are the guidelines for making crib quilts. Many Districts also support Project Linus.

Guidelines for Making Baby Crib Quilts:

Design - Use your favorite patchwork, appliqué, or pre quilted panels. DO NOT use paints, buttons, beads, or other decorations on quilts.

Fabric - Use all new fabric. Use 100% cotton or 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. NO knits, crochet or flannel quilts.

Size - Approximately 36"x36" up to 40"x44". Larger sizes are difficult to place where they will be used.

Batting - Bonded polyester or bonded cotton. (light or medium weight)

Construction - Quilt by hand or machine or tie. Tied quilts should be tied with embroidery floss or crochet cotton, making double square knots every 4 inches. DO NOT use yarn, It comes untied. Leave about 1" tie thread after knotting. Top stitch around quilt about 1" from edge.

Note - The important thing to remember is that the quilts are for babies and small children. They will be washed frequently. Are they baby safe? Are there pins and needles left in quilts? Are there loose threads?

Thanks for your continued support for this project