#BeUMC People

We asked these two questions,

1. How did you come to the United Methodist Church (birth, spouse, employment, etc.), and

2. Tell me one thing you love about the UM church and why.

Click on their names below to read more about their personal #BeUMC story.

 Ben Martin

Jack Steiner

 Karen Stigall

Jordyn Amundsen

 Shannon Boaz

Paula Taylor

Jonna Carter

Mark Dickinson

Kate Jones

Jay Smith

Joshua Hampton

Lesley Williams 

David Miller

Connor Hadley

Becky Jones

Connie Offutt

Rich Dailey

Tina Patterson

Linda Sparks

Kelly McDonald​

Brad Smart

John Hatton

David Garvin

Cathy Bruce

Cindy Young

Brandon McGinnis

Alan Wild

Wade Arp

Rob Tucker