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AC 2016 Agenda

Sloan Convention Center
1021 Wilkinson Trace
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42103

June 13-15, 2016



(All events are at the Convention Center unless otherwise noted and all times listed are Central Time.)


   Sunday, June 12

                3:00 pm Archives & History Seminar (Salon A, Holiday Inn)
      5:00 - 8:00 pm

Registration Begins
Afternoon of Service Check-in

                6:00 pm Run for the Nets 5K (Chaney's Dairy Barn)
       7:30- 9:30 pm Young Adult Gathering - Clergy and Laity (Starbucks - 710 Campbell Lane)


   Monday, June 13


               8:00 am       


Registration Begins (Clergy Registration at Broadway UMC)
     (Laity Registration outside Ballroom at Convention Center)
Afternoon of Service Check-in
Clergywomen's Breakfast (Broadway UMC)

8:00 am        Ordination Rehearsal (Ballroom)
10:00 am        Clergy Executive Session (Broadway UMC)
10:00 am        Laity Session (Ballroom)
                 12:00 pm

Lunch Break 
     (Clergy Spouse Lunch - Salon B, Holiday Inn)
(Ordinands Lunch - Salon A, Holiday Inn)
     (Trustees Lunch - 11:30am at State Street UMC)

     (Candler, Cambridge Market & Café)
     (Suggested Time for Seminary Meals)

                   2:00 pm Opening Worship & Memorial Service (Ballroom)
     Bishop Lindsey Davis, preaching
  3:15 pm        Reception for Memorial Families (Salon C, Holiday Inn)
    3:15 pm        Organizational Session/Worshipful Work/Plenary (Ballroom)
                   4:45 pm Biblical Principles:  Ministry with the Poor (Ballroom)
     Rev. Dr. Larry Stoess
    5:30 pm        Dinner Break
                   7:30 pm Ordination & Commissioning Service (Ballroom)
     Bishop Lindsey Davis, preaching



   Tuesday, June 14


                 7:00 am    

Extension Ministries Breakfast (Salon B, Holiday Inn)

                 8:30 am

Morning Gathering Music (Ballroom)

                 8:40 am Worshipful Work/Plenary/Ministry Stories (Ballroom)
               11:15 am Retirement Service (Ballroom)
               12:00 pm

Lunch Break
     (Ethnic Local Church Concerns (ELCC) Lunch - Salon B, Holiday Inn)
     (EO Tours Lunch -
Salon A, Holiday Inn)
     (Retirement Lunch -
State Street UMC, transportation provided)
     (Louisville Presbyterian Seminary Lunch - Heartland Salon)

                 2:00 pm

Afternoon of Service
     Workshop on Fresh Expressions (Ballroom)

                 5:00 pm

Dinner Break
     (Youth & Young Adult Dinner with Bishop Davis - Broadway UMC)
     (Order of Deacon's Dinner - State Street UMC)

                 7:00 pm Celebration of Mission & Ministry Together (Ballroom)
                 7:45 pm Celebration of the Retirement of Bishop Lindsey & Jennifer Davis (Ballroom)



Wednesday, June 15


                 8:30 am

Morning Gathering Music (Ballroom)

                 8:40 am Worshipful Work/Plenary/Ministry Stories (Ballroom)
               12:00 pm Lunch Break
     (NCD Luncheon - Salon B, Holiday Inn)
                 2:00 pm

Communion/commissioning of Elected Conference Leaders/Reading
     Appointments (Ballroom)

                 3:15 pm Organization of Conference Boards, Committees & Agencies
     (Rooms TBA)





Note:  Additional preconference events & special meals may be added









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