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AC 2017 Pre-Conference Reports Book


PRECONFERENCE REPORT BOOK: At the 2011 Annual Conference a new Standing Rule was adopted which states: The Director of Connectional Ministries must post the pre-Conference reports online no later than thirty (30) days prior to start of Annual Conference. While a number of years back it was standard procedure to mail the book to all members, it will NOT be printed and mailed to members this year; therefore, please see below for instructions on accessing the reports.


You can get your preconference report book in the following ways:


1. Download from our website and save on your electronic device (ipad, computer, etc).

2. Download from our website and print a copy.

3. Download Spanish versions of these reports:  comité de pólizas de personal y prácticas (2017 Personnel Committee Report);  COMISION PARA LA COMPENSACION EQUITATIVA (Commission on Equitable Compensation); JUNTA DE PENSIONES Y PRESTACIONES DE SALUD (2017 Board of Pensions Report); JUNTA DE CONSEJO DE ADMINISTRACION (2017 Trustees Report); DIRECTRICES PARA COMPLEMENTO PARA  CASA PASTORAL Y PROVISIÓN DE VIVIENDA DE LA CONFERENCIA ANUAL DE KENTUCKY (Housing Recommendations): 2018 Presupuesto Aprobado (2018 Proposed Budget)

4. Order a paper copy at: www.kyumc.org/ac2017preconferencebook

The price per book with an additional shipping charge according to your preferred shipping method (overnight, regular USPS, etc.) will be $10.48.

5. For persons without internet access, you can order a copy through the conference office. The price is $25 per copy (which includes basic shipping). Please make checks payable to Kentucky Conference Treasurer and mail by May 10th to:

The Kentucky Annual Conference
Attn: Linda Thomas
7400 Floydsburg Road
Crestwood, KY 40014