AC 2020 Registration


Kentucky Annual Conference

December 6-8, 2020  



ALL clergy and lay members to Annual Conference are required to register online.  ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER 6. 

If you don’t have internet access, please be in touch with someone in your local congregation for help. 

To register (until NOVEMBER 6). Here you will be asked to complete your current contact information.  This information will be used for communication about the details of the annual conference session and for the verification and issuance of log-in and voting credentials.  It is very important that all members register online by NOVEMBER 6.

After you have submitted your registration, you should receive an email confirmation (to the email address you included on the registration form). If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder in your email program. If you still are unable to locate the confirmation email, please contact the Credentials and Registration Team at


Charge Conferences held in the fall of 2020 will be electing officers who do not take office until January 1, 2021Lay Members of the 2020 Virtual Session of the Kentucky Annual Conference are those who began to serve on January 1, 2020

  • If you are unable to attend or you no longer serve as lay member of the annual conference, please immediately notify the Credentials and Registration Team at
  • Please DO NOT forward any information, especially your individual voting code, to an alternate member.  The Credentials and Registration Team will issue new materials to any properly credentialed alternate members. 
  • If you are serving as a District Equalization Delegate and find yourself unable to attend, please contact your district office and email 
  • If your contact information changes after registration, please email to update your registration.