Advocacy and Justice

The purpose of the Advocacy Team is to connect the people of the Kentucky Annual Conference (KAC) who are engaged in or want to be engaged in the work of advocacy and justice with each other; to provide education and resources for advocacy and justice ministry across the conference; and to provide training in how to launch advocacy and justice ministries in the local churches of the KAC.

Contact members of the Advocacy Team:

Lisa H May: Team Leader,

Donna Aros:

Mark Walz:

Movements in Minstry & Missions

This workshop was recorded on March 4, 2023, presented by Aimee Hong is the senior executive director of Education and Engagement at the General Board of Church and Society.  The presentation is split into 4 parts and the Power Point is listed below too:

Movements in Ministry & Missions - Part 1

Movements in Ministry & Missions - Part 2

Movements in Ministry & Missions - Part 3

Movements in Ministry & Missions - Part 4

Movements in Ministry & Missions - Power Point

Social Principles 2020

Statement by GBCS & GCORR on the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Resources in regards to the statement above from Church and Society: