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Kentucky Annual Conference song - All Hail

AC 2019 - Worship Bulletin

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AC 2018 - Worship Bulletin

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AC 2018 - Chuck Bell (Worship Leader)

Chuck Bell is a worship leader, composer, song writer and worship consultant.  He assist churches and conferences of all denominations with their music and arts ministries.  He blessed our conference with his leadership at Annual Conference and in Church Beyond events.  For more information on Chuck,   


AC 2018 - Stephanie Burke (Artist)

Stephanie is an artist who shares her talents in large groups.  She blessed our conference in painting two portraits – one of Jesus and one of the dove representing the Holy Spirit.  She paints other “live” paintings and performs in corporate and worship settings. For more information, on Stephanie’s work

AC 2017 - Drama Team: Acts of Renewal

Dr. Jim and Carol Anderson Shores -  ignite a room with funny, moving, powerful theatre called Acts of Renewal.  They tour nationally performing and speaking at conferences, worship services, leading marriage events, church retreats and more. Jim is the Chair of the Communications Dept. at Asbury University and Carol teaches in the Worship Arts and Theatre Depts. there as well. They live outside Lexington KY and have two college-aged sons named Zach and Zander.  Find out more info about Acts of Renewal and their ministry at .