Appointment Change Resources

Blessings to you in your appointment change! Whether this is your first appointment or a transition to a new appointment after years in ministry, appointment transitions require attention to both ministry dynamics and personal/familial administrative concerns. We're here to help with the later so that you can focus more on the ministry side of things. 

Below is a check list to help ensure you complete all necessary paperwork. More details about each item on the check list can be found in the sections following.

Important Information on this page:

  • Checklist
  • Medical Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Life & Long-Term Disability Benefits
  • Moving Expenses

Check List for ALL Appointment Changes:

Medical Benefits

The Kentucky Conference participates in Wespath’s HealthFlex Exchange. Visit the Conference’s HealthFlex Exchange website for plan details.

For first-time appointments, your coverage will begin July 1 of the appointment year. A Special Open Enrollment for new employees begins 30 days prior to your date of hire and ends 30 days after your date of hire. The benefits you elect will stay in effect until the next annual election period. However, to ensure accurate and timely invoicing for your churches, please return your enrollment form to the Benefits Office by June 19. Forms can be e-mailed to or mailed to the following address:

Kentucky Conference

Attn: Lesley Williams

7400 Floydsburg Road

Crestwood, KY 40014

“Change of Status Event” for clergy currently enrolled in HealthFlex

If, as a result of your move to a new appointment, you experience a “Change of Status Event”, you may be eligible to make changes to your HealthFlex elections for the current plan year. Appointment changes within a conference and compensation changes along are not considered Change of Status Events. However, if your spouse and/or dependents lose coverage because of a change in employment, they may be eligible to enroll as dependents in your health plan. More information on Change of Status Events can be found on the conference’s HealthFlex Exchange website. Changes in your elections must be made within 31 days of the effective date of the change. Therefore, any changes must be submitted by July 31. To submit changes, please complete the HealthFlex Enrollment Form and return to the Benefits Office at

The conference health plan is mandatory for all full-time clergy. You cannot change your health benefits during the plan year outside of Annual Election unless you experience a change in your family or employment status (called a qualified life event change). Eligibility guidelines for employee benefits can be found in the Board of Pensions & Health Benefits Report in the Conference Journal.

Retirement Benefits

Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)

All full-time clergy appointed to local churches participate in the denomination’s current retirement plan, CRSP. For more information on your retirement benefits with CRSP, visit

United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP)

UMPIP is a retirement plan administered by Wespath Benefits and Investments and is available to both clergy and lay employees of the UMC. UMPIP is designed to provide one piece of your overall investment portfolio.

To contribute to UMPIP, you must complete a Contribution Election Form, which must be signed by the plan sponsor (your church). A new form must be completed each time there is a change in employment status. For example, if a clergyperson moves to a new charge during appointment season, he or she must complete a new contribution form to continue making contributions to UMPIP. This form should be signed by both you and your church and can be found at Once completed, it should be sent directly to Wespath (instructions are on the form).

Life & Long-Term Disability Benefits

The Clergy Protection Plan (CPP) is a denomination program administered by Wespath that provides death, long-term disability and other survivor benefits for you and your family. CPP premiums are the responsibility of your church to pay and, like CRSP, are based on your total plan compensation. For more information on CPP, visit

Moving Expenses

As many of you know, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that came into effect January 1, 2018 requires employers to report moving expenses paid by the employer as taxable income. Whether the employer paid the moving company directly or the employer reimbursed you, the outcome is still the same, the payment is taxable income to you.

Wespath Benefits and Investment has put together some great resources for you on preparing for moving expense taxes. Visit the link below for more information on moving expenses.

Benefit plans provided by Wespath Benefits and Investments are based on your compensation. Because the law change makes these amounts taxable, the payments will fall within the definition of “compensation” for CPP and CRSP. Therefore, your benefits will increase for the tax year 2018 as a result of the moving expenses. In order for your benefits to increase, however, our office needs you to provide to us the amount of employer-paid moving expenses for your move. This amount does not include the mileage paid to you for your move. Please help us by providing this information to the Benefits Office of the Kentucky Conference UMC at by August 15. Many of you were able to provide our office with an estimate of your costs before your move. Thank you for doing so. However, we are requested to provide actual costs to Wespath, not estimates.