Background Checks

Screening methods include interviews, written information, personal contacts, references and criminal background checks. Please note that you must first obtain a signed permission form from the applicant to run a criminal background check.

Once you have permission from the applicant, there are a couple of options for obtaining a background check.

All forms on this page are PDF to receive your free Adobe Reader go to the Adobe website. 

NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECKS (recommended by the KAC Safe Sanctuary Policy)

For National Background Checks, we have a partnership with Trak•1 Technology. For more information, contact or call 800-600-8999 ext. 3431. The Kentucky Conference Trustees have paid a one-time set up fee for all churches which will waive the local church set up fee; therefore, identify your church as a member of the Kentucky Conference. The fee for the basic child protective check is $9.42 per person. This includes a national screening for sexual predator/offender registries, a national criminal search, and a Social Security number verification.

Other Online Screening Companies - to help you make smart hiring decisions and to perform your background checks online quickly and easily.  To go straight to the page set up for The Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist, then click here.
Protect My Ministry -  helps you do church background checks for your ministry volunteers, employees and staff. Protect My Ministry offers ministry protection services designed to give you Peace of Mind - Before They Serve.
Group Church Volunteer Central -  It’s easy to be proactive with Church Volunteer Central. You get access to a variety of reliable, thorough background checks.

KENTUCKY STATE CHECK (minimum required by the KAC Safe Sanctuary Policy)

This check was free prior to July 1, 2012. It is recommended that a national background check is completed. 
This form must be filled out and sent to the address on the top of the form. This usually takes a few weeks for it to be returned. Kentucky Courts Youth Leader Request Background Check Form ($20 fee).

Contact the Office of Connectional Ministries at 1-800-530-7236 for additional questions.

Regardless of which option you choose to run the background checks, all forms and reference reports should be kept as a part of an applicant's personnel file. The person responsible for the children or youth activity(ies) and/or their designee is responsible for reviewing and following up on each application prior to service.

Sex Offender Registries (Megan's Law)

We recommend checking these sites, but they are not fully adequate for background screening.

Kentucky Sex Offender Registry
United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry
Code Amber listing of each state's sex offender registry