Discovering Your Church's Story


Lay and clergy members of the Kentucky Annual Conference have developed a Bible study resource for your church. 

This study helps your church develop an intentional discipleship process that will increase its health and effectiveness.  You will find a facilitator’s guide that gives you an detailed plan of each lesson which can be led by clergy or laity.  There is also power point that aids in the lesson.  The third piece is a participants guide where notes can be taken.    This study is intended to have local faith communities self-assess their mission-field effectiveness and to provide insights for the faith community’s next steps. It is a discovery of your church’s story using Biblical images and stories.  The design is to encourage and celebrate what God has already done and to lead into the next chapters of the church’s story. 

Discovering Your Church Leader’s Guide 3.0

Discovering Your Church’s Story – Power Point

Discovering Your Church’s Story – Participant’s Guide 3.0

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