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Kentucky & Red Bird Missionary Conference Partnership




Our two conferences are intentionally working in partnership with each other through:
Personal relationships and prayer,
Sharing gifts and services through a needs list
for churches, outreach centers, and agencies,
Volunteer and work teams, and
Covenant Relationships through the Advance.


 If you would like to get in touch with the Red Bird Missionary Conference directly:

Red Bird Missionary Conference
54 Queendale Center, Beverly, KY 40913
Phone:  (606) 598-5915
Fax:  (606) 598-6405


Mission Institutions & Ministries of the
Red Bird Missionary Conference


Churches and Outreach Ministries
54 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913
(606) 598-5915
Red Bird Clinic and Red Bird Mission
70 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913
(606) 598-3155
Henderson Settlement
PO Box 205
Frakes, KY 40940
(606) 337-3613