Pathways to Missions


The purpose of Pathways to Missions is to provide information and guidance to Kentucky Conference churches on how to get involved in United Methodist based mission experiences.

Pathways to Missions:  organizes a way for our churches and agencies to get connected to critical and meaningful experiences, a way to work together to make a difference here in Kentucky and around the globe.

Pathways to Missions:  is a way for us to get to know and partner with other Methodist congregations and agencies so that together we can more fully and effectively advance and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Pathways to Missions:  seeks personal and community transformation by developing the ministries of other caring people and their sustainable projects that give life and encourage health and balance, all in the name and witness of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are one person, a small class, a group, church, business, or a gathering of long-time friends, you can help make a difference for the Body of Christ through the Pathways to Missions programs.

You can get involved at many levels; offer prayers, financial support, resources, encouragement, perhaps join a travel team, or ideally, lead a team into mission.  All churches should have a heavy investment in supporting missions as well as serving in missions; across the streets from our churches and homes, around the world, and in all places between where the love of God can be shared and nurtured.

We encourage support and participation in any and all the mission ministries listed here on Pathways to Missions.   Download the Criteria for Submission of Mission Ministries for consideration to be included on the Pathways to Missions web page.