Safe Sanctuaries Training

Who can conduct a training?

Anyone, clergy or laity, who has been to Safe Sanctuaries training is able to conduct a training in their local church. The District Superintendent can be contacted with a list of trainers who are within the district that can also conduct a training event. The following power point and handouts can be used in this training. 

Safe Sanctuaries Training Video Series

The Kentucky Annual Conference has produced  a series of videos and quizes for anyone in the Conference who needs Safe Sanctuaries training.  There are six videos to watch, but only five will be reviewed on the accompaning quiz in order to complete the training.  Remember,  to complete your training for each of these segments, you will need to answer the accompanying test questions on the one quiz.  Once the questions have been correctly answered, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion.  Present this certificate to your church's Safe Sanctuaries supervisor so they may be able to document your certification of Safe Sanctuaries.


What & Why








Observe & Respond Part 1



Observe & Respond Part 2







When a Sex Offender...


Take the Safe Sanctuaries Quiz to complete your training.



  Safe Sanctuaries Power point 1


Safe Sanctuaries Power Point 1



Safe Sanctuaries Power point 2

 Safe Sanctuaries Power Point 2




Kentucky Conference Safe Sanctuaries Policy

A Local Church Checklist to help determine if you are meeting all standards
I Corinthians 13 with Safe Sanctuaries
An Implementation Worksheet for Local Churches
What Sorts of Offenses Will Preclude Someone Working with Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adults in Your Local Congregation
A Sample User Agreement for Church's to Use With Groups Outside of Church Programming